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International School Eindhoven, Primary School

The International School Eindhoven provides more than just the education of students because in addition to providing courses which comply with the highest international standards, the school will also have a campus which serves as a meeting place for international families with their children. We have 454 pupils in our department from around 38 countries providing a rich diversity of language and culture. Our common language is English, the language of instruction but we provide a strong framework to enable our students to become proficient in English. Our teachers also reflect our rich cultural diversity: currently native countries include Australia, Peru, England, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, United States of America and Wales. Their unity lies in their commitment to providing a warm, safe and secure base for our students to thrive as learners.

International School Eindhoven (ISE), Primary School
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The ISE is seeking a language support tutor to work with individual students within the Care Department

Private Language Support Tutor    

Hours: up to 10 contact hours per week depending on individual student needs

Pay scale: financed by the student’s parents on a private basis.

Starting date: as soon as possible


Position requirements and expectations

Outline of the role:

The Language Support Tutor  operates within the Care Department and is focussed on the guidance and support of individual students within the care department. The Language Support Tutor works with individual students to support their learning in order for them to manage the school curriculum.


Main responsibilities include:

  • Work with one-on-one with students;
  • Systematically work with individual students on achieving goals;
  • Support the individual student’s learning by structuring assignments to ensure accessibility.

Knowledge and skills

  • General knowledge of and insights in the learning process;
  • Skilled in stimulating of students to connect to the needs, level, learning contents and interests of the student;
  • Skilled in creating lesson material;
  • Skilled in creative solution thinking.

Requirements for the position are:

  • A teaching degree;
  • A good command of spoken and written English;
  • A Special Educational Needs and/or remedial teaching experience is advantageous.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work in a vibrant and expanding school. should you be interested in applying for this position, please send an email no later than Friday 18 February 2019 to vacancies@isecampus.nl and marked for the attention of Marcella Watts, head of the ISE Secondary Department, including the following: (1) a cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest in and qualifications for this position; (2) a current cv, including phone numbers, e-mail address; and (3) the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of 2 referees.

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